Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Ultimate Answer for Road Rage

Stephen Ellison of England found a unique solution to containing his road rage and dissuading other drivers from slinging it in his direction as well. He bought a used 1974 Sabre Light Reconnaisance Tank as his vehicle of choice for those trips to the shopping mall. The tank which originally cost £500,000 was sold to Ellison by a surplus dealer for approximately £14,000. The tank, once used in Kosovo, was in storage from 1974 to 1995 as a reserve piece of equipment, then in 1995 it was briefly used in Kosovo before being returned to England and refurbished for road usage.

Now some may wonder about the sanity of a man who would purchase a tank as a daily commuter but I ask you to take a look at some of the vehicles out on the roads today. I mean, sure my car is a sports car that is low to the ground an all, but I feel downright miniscule whenever I'm passed by a hulking Hummer or Escalade. Next to that, a Sabre tank probably isn't all that bad a vehicle to have anyways. It runs on regular unleaded fuel and although it costs about £300 to fill it's tank, as a short distance commuter it's not bad.

Thinking about it I could see it being of use in my neighborhood. My neighbor who parks next to me has a huge SUV. One of those seven passenger deals which seems more apt to drive around a Presidential security group rather than just one person. Next to it I often feel like I'm lying on the ground. Still and all, it would be a kick to drive up in an actual tank and see the reaction from the neighbors. In the winter it would be quite useful since the roads around here can be quite bad. The top speed clocks in around 40 MPH so the chances of accidents are a bit lower but hey, when you've got a turret with a 30mm cannon on it (deactivated or not), who's going to honk or flash their lights at you?

In this day and age where even the smallest incident seems to tick off drivers, it would be a nice detterent. The benefit to the military would be good too. Rather than shelling out loads of taxpayer money on either maintaining these older vehicles or paying to have them scrapped, they could now be used to earn money for a change and help to fund the armed forces for years to come. But think of the escalation. People get intimidated by someone driving a Sabre so they purchase Valentines and then Challengers and then it just goes on and on until we become some sort of mixed version of a bad Mad Max movie! Without the nuclear holocaust thing, that might be rather interesting.


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