Thursday, August 05, 2010

Same Story, Different Day

I enjoyed the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray which sees the hero stuck in an endless loop of the same day for much of the movie. It was enjoyable as a movie but as reality, I doubt that it would be as much fun. Yet it seems like we're stuck in that type of continuum and proof of that comes in the form of two announcements that I feel like I had heard about just about a year ago with an air of finality that time. Unfortunately it seems that that was not the case because here we are a year later listening to the same stuff over again. I guess there is truth to the adage of some of the ruts in life being nothing more than the same shit just on a different day.

Take for example the heart-breaking news that Bristol Palin (daughter of Sarah Palin and poster child for abstinence before marriage) and her erstwhile beau, Levi Johnston (Playgirl model and self-professed 'actor') were calling off their second engagement. It seems that Bristol came to the realization that Levi was using her for the noteriety in order to further his career. Just three weeks into their second engagement, Bristol realized that when he said he was going to Los Angeles to film a hunting show, Levi was actually filming a music video in which he apparently mocks the Palin family. Now perhaps this is just my twisted logic, but is it any surprise considering how slanderous he was in his interviews around the time of his nude photo shoot? Should Bristol or anyone related to the family be that stunned at the news? I think not.

A year (or more) ago the pair were in the news for having broken up and having started exchanging insults via magazine interviews. We have yet to reach that stage but I guess those days aren't too far into the future. Sarah Palin (our country's answer to William Shakespeare) has meanwhile stepped forward to 'refudiate' the claims being made by Levi and has been speaking out in support of her daughter's decision. I suppose it speaks volumes about the family values that she and her clan have when they can stand in the public's eye and claim to uphold the very best virtues of this country by having children out of wedlock and breaking off two engagements. I'm just hoping that this non-story doesn't pop up in the headlines again next year.

But as for the other heart-breaking story that came out yesterday, apparently Brett Farve has been circulating rumors that he is going to retire from football; yes... again. It seems that off-season surgery has left his ankle in much worse shape than he had hoped so he began texting his teammates informing them of the fact that he would likely step down from football. Now I'm a fan of Brett Farve and I admire his accomplishments but he's really becoming like the boy who cried wolf but in this case it's retirement. He's done it not once but twice already and I won't believe that his career is over until the days leading up to the 2011 football season. If he hasn't stayed in retirement by then then I'll look forward to hearing him contemplate retiring again next year.

Both of these stories made me realize something. While I do enjoy a bit of repetition in life, there are somethings that really don't need to be repeated. Getting stuck in traffic is definitely one of them but stories like these come a close second. While I appreciate having a window into the lives of Bristol and Levi and Brett, I don't need to be bombarded with it the way the media likes to do. There are times when "too little" of something isn't a bad thing and this would definitely be one of those times.

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