Monday, November 22, 2010

Who Needs Security? You Do Stupid

As we approach Thanksgiving, typically one of the heaviest travel days of the year here in the United States, we're again starting to see a lot of public backlash about the lengths to which people are willing to go through in order to prove a point about security. That is to say, to prove that all the security measures we go through are a pain in the rear. Now I agree, I don't enjoy having to show up three hours early for a flight so that I can be sure to process through security in time, but I do understand that it's for my safety.

Most security measures that are in place today are meant for our safety but there are people out there who believe that it's being done because the Transportation Security Agency is full of perverts who enjoy feeling up passengers or viewing (supposedly) almost-nude video of people passing through their system. If you're that bashful (or vain) to believe that the TSA is going to suddenly post photos of you on the internet then I think you really need to come back to reality and realize that you aren't as great looking as you believe yourself to be. Nor are you appealing enough that a TSA agent would be willing to give you a pat down search if he or she really didn't need to.

While I understand that many seasoned travelers are a bit tired of having to go through security measures that often add hours to their business trips, surprisingly it isn't they who are raising the biggest stink; rather it's those clueless souls who show up at airports and expect to be treated like royalty on their yearly trip to Tallahassee to see Grandma. If you don't fly that often, I would think that you aren't dense enough to have missed all the news bulletins and talk about increased airport security measures. If you are then even after you get to the airport there are plenty of notices that warn you of the security measures that you will have to go through. If you're still caught unawares then that's your own fault.

Perhaps you feel that it isn't fair for you to be subjected to pat downs or full body scans and I would agree. It isn't a pleasant thing but it's a momentary break in your travel that is meant to keep you safe. To tell you the truth, it's not that big a deal unless you choose to make it that big a deal. If you've never been anywhere outside of the United States perhaps you don't realize that most of this type of security screening has been going on for years all over Europe and in parts of Asia. Why do terrorists then keep trying to do their evil actions on US flights? Probably because they know that if they raise enough of a stink ahead of time then they could conceivably exempt themselves from having to go through security.

If you don't feel it right to have to go through security meant to weed out potential terrorists then perhaps you should stick to the roads and drive yourself to where you need to go. If you feel that only people of certain.... racial type need to be screened then I would simply remind you that we still live in a country where no race is discriminated against... at least the last time I looked. Given my complexion, I am often pulled aside for extra screening; I don't mind it and I don't care that I get the occasional looks from fellow passengers wondering if I'm a miscreant. All I care is that I have nothing to hide and that the TSA is doing their job to keep us safe. So why not let them do their jobs? They're doing it over their Thanksgiving holiday to keep you safe.

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